FS File Explorer

Powerful file explorer, simple and easy to use.

With an innovative design, FS File Explorer is the best file manager and has the best tools to manage and maintain your files on Android.

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FS File Explorer

Excellent file manager for Android

Internal Storage / SD Card / USB OTG: You can manage all files and folders on both your internal storage and external storage.

• Google Drive client to explore your files in the cloud
• One Drive client to manage your files in the cloud
• FTP server to browse the files on your device from your computer
• FTP client to manage your files on your server
• LAN client to manage files on your computer
• Other storage media and network access
• Applications management
• ZIP Viewer to explore the files without extracting the content

Analysis of space and cleaning

» New Files
» Large Files
» Redundant Files
» Empty files
» Empty folders
» Installed application directories
» Application cache
» Residual data

Many more features

• Encrypt / decrypt files
• Recycle bin to restore deleted files
• Send files via Wifi-Direct
• Multimedia storage repairman to repair and sync media storage
• Edit Image in your preferred editor
• Gif Player to browse and play animated GIF images
• Text Editor to edit every type of text files such as HTML, XHTML, TXT, etc.
• Set images as wallpaper
• Create shortcut on home screen

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